Dual-Interface-Karte Mitarbeiterausweis personalisiert mit Dual-Interface Chip


Creating Printing Data

Resolution, trim, and data format not clear? Here you can get an overview

Overview of Chip Types

Up-to-date list of all common and available RFDI-chip types

Security Features

Additional security features such as hologram or UV-ink can be found here.

Ein Chip, zwei Kommunikationswege

Dual-Interface-Cards enable the user to address the smart-chip application on the card either with or without contact. This is important, if infrastructures are supposed to be operated both with contact readers and RFID-readers.

Dual-interface cards are primarily used as debit and credit cards. With the use of the proven SPS technology with inductive coupling of the chip, Plasticard-ZFT has been able to improve the durability of cards employed under tough conditions considerably. This makes it a realistic option for company/ student IDs or for tickets.

Dual-Interface-Cards with crypto-processors and the ability to emulate other chip types or functions (see properties), can be used in an extremely flexible manner and can thus meet almost all the security requirements necessary for IT infrastructures and access systems, at the highest possible security level.

Further¬more, based on certain SmartMX®processors, heterogeneous security infrastructures can also be implemented using MIFARE®- and LEGIC®applications.

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Typical Applications of Dual-Interface-Cards

  • Debit and credit cards
  • Payment-solutions
  • Student ID-cards
  • ID & Access cards
  • eTickets
  • Smart City applications

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