Infografik Card-Management-System

What purposes require a Card-Management-Solution?

Companies with numerous employees commonly issue ID-cards and key tags for access control and/or time logging. Thereby, the question of how these media can be administrated and produced in accordance with the EU-GDPR arises immediately.

What does Card-Management mean?

Modern ID-card-Management solutions can contain the following features:

Welche Lösungen sind Verfügbar?

Solution Principle Advantages Disadvantages
1 ID-card printer with card-printing software Quick, easy, inexpensive Just basic functions possible e.g. data collection, card printing, possibly data import and export
2 Standard-CMS* (software solution) Quick, easy, relatively cost-efficient Wanted functions may not be available
3 Customized CMS All customer wishes, including interconnections with existing solutions, are possible. Intricate development process, often a specification sheet is needed, costs significantly higher than with solution 2
4 CMS integrated in HR-system Direct management of all ID-card data in HR-module, easy to operate Very expensive, especially with special demands
5 Portal oriented, rentable solution online, e.g. Kartendepot 2.0 Smallest investment, quick access, easily scalable for spread structures Limited function range

*: CMS = Card-Management-System **: HR-System = Human Resources, part of modern ERP-systems, e.g. SAP, Oracle

Wie finde ich meine passende Lösung?

That depends on the size of your company/project. To gain a first impression, Plasticard-ZFT is happy to advise you. For options 1 and 5, you can find further information in the catalogue.

For options 2 and 4, we advise to consult specialist providers of such systems or other advisors. We are happy to facilitate contact with a suitable provider.

Who prints my ID-card?

When using a CMS, the choice is yours: The ID-cards can be personalised visually and electronically with a card printer right on site. Is this technically and organisationally too difficult, you transmit the data to an external contractor. Plasticard-ZFT, for example, already has connection to many available systems on the market.