Infografik Card-Management-System

Wofür wird eine Card-Management-Lösung benötigt?

Companies with numerous employees commonly issue ID-cards and key tags for access control and/or time logging. Thereby, the question of how these media can be administrated and produced in accordance with the EU-GDPR arises immediately.

What does Card-Management mean?

Modern ID-card-Management solutions can contain the following features:

Welche Lösungen sind verfügbar?

*: CMS = Card-Management-System **: HR-System = Human Resources, part of modern ERP-systems, e.g. SAP, Oracle

Solution Principle Advantages Disadvantages
1 ID-card printer with card-printing software Quick, easy, inexpensive Nur elementare Funktionen verfügbar, z. B. Daten erfassen, Karte drucken, evtl. Daten importieren und exportieren
2 Standard-CMS* (software solution) Quick, easy, relatively cost-efficient u. U. sind gewünschte Funktionen nicht vorhanden
3 Customized CMS Alle Kundenwünsche inkl. der Vernetzung mit vorhandenen Lösungen können erfüllt werden Intricate development process, often a specification sheet is needed, costs significantly higher than with solution 2
4 CMS integrated in HR-system Direct management of all ID-card data in HR-module, easy to operate Very expensive, especially with special demands
5 Portal oriented, rentable solution online, e.g. Kartendepot 2.0 Smallest investment, quick access, easily scalable for spread structures Limited function range

Wie finde ich meine passende Lösung?

That depends on the size of your company/project. To gain a first impression, Plasticard-ZFT is happy to advise you. For options 1 and 5, you can find further information in the catalogue.

For options 2 and 4, we advise to consult specialist providers of such systems or other advisors. We are happy to facilitate contact with a suitable provider.

Who prints my ID-card?

When using a CMS, the choice is yours: The ID-cards can be personalised visually and electronically with a card printer right on site. Is this technically and organisationally too difficult, you transmit the data to an external contractor. Plasticard-ZFT, for example, already has connection to many available systems on the market.