Packaging for POS-Systems

Packaging for check-out areas and POS displays have a Euro slotted hole so that they can easily be mounted to an advertising display. POS card carriers, best suited to POS systems, are simple holders made from cardboard or strong film material onto which the card is attached, or into which it is integrated. The shape and size of the carrier is completely individual to the customer, ensuring that they fit into the intended POS display and plenty of space is left to accommodate the Euro slot. There are numerous finishing options, e.g. hot stamping, partial spot varnishing, or metallic inks available to draw the attention of the customer to your cards. Folded edges, cut-outs, perforations, and fold-out sides can be implemented as well. A card carrier offers you the opportunity to include numerous pieces of information and advertising with the card and to position this directly in the field of vision of the customer.

Flyer and Card Carrier

Particularly in the loyalty, bonus card, or gift/voucher card sectors, it is a good idea to present the card on a flyer or carrier. Depending on the desired format, information regarding how to use the card, or the bonus system, or the well-wishers of the sender may be included. Flyers or carriers can be individually printed and decorated with optional finishing, they also draw attention to themselves and help give business a boost. The card itself can be secured by an adhesive dot or by insertion into a slot.

Kartencarrier in DIN lang und A6 mit aufgespendeten Karten