Open Positions and Information Regarding Applications

Job Offers & Apprenticeship Places

Plasticard-ZFT is a growing company that offers good development opportunities to people who are willing and motivated to perform.

You can send your application online by e-mail to or send it by mail.

Internships/Diploma theses

We always have interesting topics relating to smart cards and their applications. These tasks are particularly suitable for students of information technology, computer science or automation technology.

Beyond this, we can also offer topics on the fields of quality management, production management and marketing. (see Speculative Applications)

Speculative Applications

Committed people who cannot find a concrete offer at the moment are nonetheless welcome to apply online with their ideas for a permanent position, an internship, or diploma thesis. In a dynamic company, demands are sometimes quicker than the updating of job offers. It’s always worth to venture an attempt. Furthermore, sometimes convincing propositions create new realities.

To strengthen our team we are currently looking for:

10 reasons why Plasticard-ZFT is the right address:

Pleasant working atmosphere

Plasticard-ZFT is a great team that welcomes new employees!

Individual responsibility

Due to our flat hierarchy, each employee has a high level of individual responsibility and the opportunity to integrate his or her creative and innovative ideas into the daily work routine.

Long-term perspective

Coming to stay - as a medium-sized, owner-managed company, it is important to us to offer our employees a long-term perspective.

Team events

Through various team events, such as the annual Christmas party or the summer festival, we strengthen our interpersonal relationships and have the opportunity to exchange ideas with our colleagues outside of the work routine.

Flexible working hours based on a 38-hour week

The use of flexible working hours makes it possible to combine work and private life in the best possible way.

Training opportunities

We offer our employees the opportunity for further training and development in line with their commitment to the company.

People at the centre - a relationship with everyone!

As a medium-sized, owner-managed company with around 80 employees, we are able to maintain a direct relationship with each employee and respond to the individual situation of each person.

Fixed vacation arrangements

Each year, our employees are entitled to at least 26 vacation days depending on their length of service - even several vacation weeks at a time are possible! In addition, there is one day of special leave for special occasions such as the birth of a child.

Corporate benefits

Via our employee portal corporate benefits, our employees receive attractive conditions from well-known partners such as Flaconi, Eventim and Bosch.

Canteen allowance and beverage supply

We offer our employees a daily allowance at our regular cafeteria, as well as hot and cold beverages.