Freiformatkarten als Stern, mit einer abgerundeten Ecke oder mit Eurolochung


Creating Printing Data

Resolution, trim, and data format not clear? Here you can get an overview

Cards in Customised Special Formats

Plastic cards in free form offer maximum freedom to your imagination. We can deliver any kind of free form card up to a size of 600 mm x 400 mm with individual printing, additional features, and finishing. A combination with RFID-chip are QR-code is also possible. You receive your free form card in the usual credit card quality. For some formats, we already have punching tools; others are available on demand.

Standard Free Formats Available

Honeycomb (Hexagon)Circle (50 mm)
Puckered LipsCarrying Bag
Shoe TransponderMirror Tag
Sonderformatkarten Rund, Wabe, Kussmund, EInkaufstasche, Schuhtransponder

Cards for Breaking-Off

Whether as voucher cards, coupon cards, ticket or as an utterly individual product – cards with a separable area have many fields of application. Thanks to the predetermined breaking point and depending on the execution, mini cards, key fobs, our cards in standard credit card format can be broken-off cleanly from the whole form. The cards can be personalised and, depending on the format, be equipped with data carriers such as magnet stipes, RFID-chips and NFC-function. You can find more information under RFID special formats

Abbrechkarten als Gutschein, Coupon, Schlüsselfilder und Minikarten zum abbrechen

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