Chipkarten mit Speicherchip bedrucken für Kundenkarten und Prozessorchip für Ausweise

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Creating Printing Data

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Overview of contact chip cards

Here you can find an overview of available types of contact chips

Additional features & Finishing

Additional features such as signature panel, punched hole, embossing, or coating can be found here.

Chipkarten bedrucken für jeden Einsatzzweck

Chipkarten sind vielseitige Datenträger, die einfache Speicher oder komplette Prozessoren enthalten können. Sie dienen als Kredit- oder Debitkarten, als Bonuskarten oder Kundenkarten, als Ausweiskarten für Zutritt, IT-Zugang, Zeiterfassung und Bezahlfunktionen. Kontaktchipkarten finden auch in der Telekommunikation, beim Pay-TV, im Gesundheitswesen und vielen weiteren Branchen Verwendung. Plasticard-ZFT produziert Chipkarten nach ISO 7810/7816 als Weißkarte oder mit individueller Bedruckung und Ausstattung. Kontaktchips können auch mit weiteren Datenträgern kombiniert werden. Hier finden Sie mehr Informationen zu Kombi- & Hybridkarten.

Differences and Areas of Application

Memory Chip Cards

A memory chip has the advantages of being able to record more than just one ID. The EEPROM storage of these chips can hold – depending on the type – between 256 and 64 kByte of alphanumeric data. Thus, texts with around 65,500 characters can be stored directly on one card without having to deposit this information in another system, database, or cloud. The data are only available to the person in possession of the card. In general, memory chips do not offer a security logic of their own. However, some chip types provide a simple write protection and are thus suitable for simple bonus and prepaid solutions (e.g. the SLE 5542).

SmartCards or Processor Chip Cards

Processor chips have a very complex structure and therefore differ from the ordinary memory chips. They are equipped with a microprocessor, working memory (RAM) and fixed memory (EEPROM) with its own operating system. Thus, crypto-processor chips are capable of processing, securely encrypting data in applications and making them available for different kinds of purposes. In order to be able to choose the correct processor you need to know the required operating system. We are happy to advise you and supply you with samples.

Applications for Memory Chip Cards

  • Customer & Membership cards
  • Bonus & Benefit cards
  • Fitness cards
  • ID & Access cards
  • Cashless payment
  • Health cards
  • Telephone & SIM cards
  • Tickets

Applications for Processor Chip Cards

  • Secure identification
  • Authentication
  • PKI & Single-Sign-on (SSO)
  • Cashless payment
  • Employee ID-cards
  • Student ID-cards
  • Security cards & certification cards
  • Tickets & SIM-cards

Available Memory Chips

Memory chip type Memory size
FM24C02 / Ari24LC02256 Byte
Ari24LC162 KByte
Ari24LC25632 KByte
Ari24LC51264 KByte
FM4442 (SLE5542 compatible)256 KByte
FM4428 (SLE5528 compatible)1 KByte

Available Processor Chips

Name Properties
Gemalto Cyberflex Access 64Kremaining stocks
Gemalto IDPrime .NET 510 (.NET)remaining stocks
Gemalto IDPrime MD830 / MD840
Atos CardOS 5.0 oder 5.3SLE78CFX3000P
NXP SmartMX® Sm@rtCaféExpert 6.0
NXP SmartMX® Sm@rtCaféExpert 7.0
NXP SmartMX® JCOP V2.4.1 / V2.4.2

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