Plastikkarten mit farbigen Kartenkanten


Additional features & Finishing

Additional features such as signature panel, punched hole, embossing, or coating can be found here.

Creating Printing Data

Resolution, trim, and data format not clear? Here you can get an overview

Farbiger Kartenrand oder farbiges Kartenmaterial

Check for yourself: most of the cards in your wallet have white cut-out edges. Therefore, cards with coloured edges are some of the most exclusive design elements. A special procedure makes it possible to dye the card edges independently of the printing on the front and back. For this, many standard colours are available, also special colours such as gold or silver. Whether colour coordinated or contrasting, coloured edges are a special eyecatcher. If the edges of the card are supposed to have the same colour as the front and back, it is wise to print directly on fully tinted card material. Especially completely black cards are a high-quality and unmistakable highlight in every purse. The cards can be equipped with all common additional features, finishes and data carriers, depending on the version. 

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