Overview of RFID-Technologies According to Frequency Range

The type range of RFID-chips is extremely diverse and is divided and sorted by several aspects. All have in common the use of a touch-free working interface which functions via air route of a few millimetres up to several metres. In praxis, the classification according to frequency and the used standard play the main part for RFID-cards.

Name Abbreviation Frequency Norms Comment
Low Frequency
Low Frequency
NF/LF 125 kHz none Oldest RFID-technology
Hight Frequency
(Hight Frequency)
HF 13.56 MHz without
ISO 14443
ISO 15693
ISO 14443 for "Proximity Coupling" up to 10 cm range
ISO 15693 für "Vicinity Coupling" bis 1m Reichweite
Near Field Communication NFC 13.56 MHz ISO 14443 + further also for active communication parters (e.g. smartphones)
Ultra High Frequency
(Ultra High Frequency)
UHF 868 to 950 MHz ISO 18000 and following for logistics, vehicles and person recognition

High-frequency RFID- and NFC-Chips (HF/NFC - 13,56 MHz)

NXP MIFARE® Chip Types Memory
MIFARE Classic® EV1 1K, 4Byte NON UID1024 Byte
MIFARE Classic® EV1 4K, 4Byte NON UID4096 Byte
MIFARE Classic® EV1 1K, 7Byte UID1024 Byte
MIFARE Classic® EV1 4K, 7Byte UID4096 Byte
MIFARE Ultralight®48/128 Byte
MIFARE Ultralight® C192 Byte
MIFARE Plus® SE 1K1024 Byte
MIFARE Plus® X 2K2048 Byte
MIFARE Plus® X 4K4096 Byte
MIFARE Plus® EV1 2K2048 Byte
MIFARE Plus® EV1 4K4096 Byte
MIFARE DESFire® Light640 Byte
MIFARE DESFire EV1 / EV2 / EV3 2K2,048 Byte
MIFARE DESFire EV1 / EV2 / EV3 4K4,096 Byte
MIFARE DESFire EV1 / EV2 / EV3 8K8,192 Byte
MIFARE DESFire EV2 16K16,384 Byte
MIFARE DESFire EV2 32K32,768 Byte
LEGIC® Chip Types Memory
LEGIC prime® MIM 256256 Byte
LEGIC prime® MIM 10241024 Byte
LEGIC advant® ATC 256-MV410256 Byte
LEGIC advant® ATC 1024-MV1101024 Byte
LEGIC advant® ATC 1024-MV0101024 Byte
LEGIC advant® ATC 4096-MP3114096 Byte
LEGIC advant® ATC 4096-MP3124096 Byte
LEGIC advant® CTC 4096-MP4104096 Byte
LEGIC advant® CTC 4096-MM4104096 Byte
NXP ICODE® Chip Types Memory
ICODE® SLIX 22528 Byte
ICODE® ILTRead only
ICODE® DNA2016 Byte
NXP NTAG® Chip Types Memory
NTAG® 21048 Byte
NTAG® 212128 Byte
NTAG® 213144 Byte
NTAG® 215504 Byte
NTAG® 216888 Byte
NTAG® 413 DNA144 Byte
Infineon Chiptypen Memory
NRG™ SLE66R35I 4Byte NON-UID1 KByte
NRG™ SLE66R35R 4Byte reused ID1 KByte
NRG™ SLE66R35E7 7Byte UID1 KByte
Further Chip Types Memory
HID 200x iClass256 – 4096 Byte
SmartMX® P5Cxxx with MIFARE® Emulation72 – 144 Kbit
SmartMX2® P60Dxxx with MIFARE® Select Emulation72 – 144 Kbit
SmartMX3® P71Dxxx with MIFARE® Select Emulation256 - 344 KB

Low-Frequency RFID-Chips (NF - 125 kHz)

EM Chip Types Memory
EM 41028 Byte read-only
EM 4200 (successor of EM 4102)8 Byte read-only
EM 4450125 Byte
Further Chip Types Memory
HID Prox
Temic 5577363 bit
HITAG® Chip Types Memory
HITAG® 12 kbit
HITAG® 2256 bit
HITAG® S256 or 2048 bit

Ultra-High-Frequency RFID-Chips (UHF - 968 MHz)

NXP Chip Types Memory
UCODE® G2iLread-only
UCODE® G2iM320 - 640 bit
UCODE® 732 - 2048 bit
UCODE® 80-32 bit
UCODE® DNA3072 bit
UCODE® DNA Track256 bit
UCODE® DNA City1024 bit
Further Chip Types Memory
Alien Higgs® 3512 bit
Impinj Monza® 4D32 bit
Impinj Monza® 4E128 bit
Impinj Monza® 4QT512 bit
Impinj Monza® R6read-only