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Expertise around Sustainablilty

You can find more information about sustainability in the card production in the compendium.

Creating Printing Data

Resolution, trim, and data format not clear? Here you can get an overview

The Ecological Alternative

Whenever durability is not important, and a visually pleasing card is needed, paperboard cards by Plasticard-ZFT are an en¬vironmentally friendly alternative. These cards are distinguished by a thickness of 0,7mm and a high-class anting with lint-free edges and flat surface. The special feature of those cards is that numerous finishing-technologies from the world of cards are applicable. Very important: Paperboard cards by Plasticard-ZFT can be persona¬lised with ordinary card printers. Thus, they are suitable for the following applications:

  • Visitor cards
  • Voucher Cards
  • Advertisement and business cards
  • Loyalty- und Bonuskarten
  • Tickets
  • Stamp cards

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