From Order to Disposal – Securing the whole Life-Cycle of an ID card

Application for an ID-card, approval, data collection, ID-card print and programming, handover to the employee, notice of loss and breakage, withdrawal, and disposal are processes which can be summed up under the term “ID-card logistics”.

All parts of this process can require a lot of control depending on the size and structure of the company, the required security level, and the complexity of the used ID cards (or key tags, tokens, smartphones). Ideally, those tasks are depicted in a Card-Management-Sytem .

For the practical realisation of those tasks, questions arise regarding a suitable contractor that provides the packaging, customs clearing, and shipping to all branches, corporation plants, or even single employees.

The same thought strikes when thinking about decentralised structures with ID-card stations all over the world which have to be provided with fitting ID-card blanks. However, without the necessity of processing person related data.

Plasticard-ZFT offers its own experience and suitable solutions which can be tailored for the customers’ purpose for both challenges. Here, it is unimportant which systems are used by the user.

When working with CMC and personalised ID-cards, a contract for a bi-directional interface is a prerequisite for a functional solution. Card data are sent, and receipt data for the successfully created ID-cards and sent packaged are received.

If the world-wide installation of CMS-software is not possible or wished for, Plasticard-ZFT keeps a solely browser-based ordering system for person relate media available. Shipping to certain locations can also be carried out with pro-confectioned letters. In Germany and other selected countries, it is possible to ship single letters to individual employees.

Plasticard-ZFT offers a tested shop-solution for white cards, numbered and pre-encoded cards, or pre-printed card blanks – if wanted even with number range management.
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