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Barcodekarten - Merkmale

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Creating Printing Data

Resolution, trim, and data format not clear? Here you can get an overview

Overview Barcode Types

Here you can find an overview of the common barcode types

Additional features & Finishing

Additional features such as signature panel, punched hole, embossing, or coating can be found here.

Barcodekarten – mehr als nur Striche und Lücken

Barcodes (ugs. auch Strichcodes) sind eine preiswerte Methode, um beispielsweise Kundenkarten, Mitgliedskarten oder Gutscheinkarten mit einer variablen und maschinenlesbaren Kodierung zu versehen. Im Barcode wird, je nach System, ein numerischer oder alphanumerischer Code verschlüsselt. Beim Scan des Codes gleicht die zugehörige Software den gelesenen Code mit den gespeicherten Datensätzen ab und kann so die zur Karte passenden Kundendaten, Zutrittsberechtigungen oder Werte aus dem System abrufen. Barcodes können auf nahezu allen Karten aufgebracht und mit anderen Datenträgern und Veredelungsvarianten kombiniert werden.

Durability and Abrasion Protection

Barcodes are usually printed on the finished card blank. Depending on the mechanical stress of the card, it can wear out after some time. To avoid scratches or abrasion of the barcode, it can be lasered, printed on and covered with an overlay or printed directly under laminate. For simple security applications, copy protected barcodes are possible. Here, an IR-readable code is covered with a black barcode blocker. We are happy to provide you with a sample.

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QR-Barcode as an Interactive Object

Use QR-barcodes as an additional marketing tool. Every smartphone can function as a scanner and is able to link to your website or your digital business card via QR-codes. Because QR-codes can carry more than just alphanumeric codes.

Applications of Barcodes

  • Customer & Membership cards
  • Bonus & Benefit cards
  • Voucher & Gift Cards
  • ID & Access cards
  • Business cards (QR-codes)
  • Giveaways (QR-codes)
  • Price tags & type plates
  • Tickets
QR Code auf Etikett wird mit Smartphone gescannt

Technical Information

Technical Readability and Layout Instructions

Be sure to leave enough space for the barcode when designing your card! The size depends on the barcode system and content. To achieve a maximum of technical readability and ensure reliable scanning the contrast of the barcode and the underlying design should be as high as possible. It is therefore wise to plan a white area for your barcode. We are happy to determine the minimum dimension of the standalone in your layout and support you with the optimal design of you barcode cards.

Our Service for You

We are happy to personalise your cards with the barcodes you need. You are unsure which barcode type to use? Send us information regarding your system or some cards you are already using. We then determine which barcode system you need and send you some sample cards to test in your systems prior to the start of production. You have already ordered barcode cards with us? We protocol and examine the already used range of numbers for every one of your products and thus are able to produce your re-order consecutively. Therefore, duplicate cards can be avoided, and you do not have to worry about the effort of administrating your number ranges.

Common Types of Barcodes
Code 39
Code 128
2/5 interleaved
EAN 13

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