Build-up of Standard Plastic Cards

Standard Plastic cards usually consist of four layers. Two printed PVC-foils for the front and back, and on protection overlay for each side. All layers are pressed together with the help of pressure and heat in so called laminators and thus form a compact card body. During the process of lamination, the surface structure of the outer protection overlay is determined by the texture of the lamination-plates which press the card body from both sides. If the plates are glossy, the card surface will be glossy, if they are matt, so will be the card.

Um Plastikkarten mit zusätzlichen Datenträgern zu versehen, können weitere Schichten im Aufbau hinzukommen, mehr dazu erfahren Sie unter Build-up with RFID.

Aufbau Plastikkarten mehrschichtig

Build-up of Varnished Cards

Aside from the classic multi-layered cards made of PVC, there are cheaper alternatives. These UV-varnished mono-cards consist of only one PVS foil which is printed on both sides and protected by a UV-varnish. Therefore, these cards are especially suited for short-time or single use.

UV lackierte Plastikkarten

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