Transparente Karten, Teiltransparente Karten, milchig transparente Karten


Additional features & Finishing

Additional features such as signature panel, punched hole, embossing, or coating can be found here.

Creating Printing Data

Resolution, trim, and data format not clear? Here you can get an overview

A Card with Perspective

Transparencies within the card are primarily a security element! But transparent areas in a card can also be a real eye-catcher when used as a design element. Transparent plastic cards may be as clear as glass (shiny), frosted/milky (matte) depending on the surface of the card. Special effects can be achieved using partially transparent areas which are created with by printing on opaque white. Furthermore, the same design variations are available as for printed plastic cards. Thus, the cards can be additionally finished with hot stamping, holograms, or spot coating. 

It goes without saying that transparent cards can be equipped with all available data carries. From barcode, contact chip and magnet stripe up to RFID-chips and complex combinations – all versions are possible. We are also happy to offer the application of personalisation.

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3D-Layer Printing

Transparent cards, just like white cards, consist of different foilnlayers. For an extra special look, single elements of the printing layout can be printed on different levels within the card thus creating a 3D-effect on overlapping layers. Here, the play of transparent and covered areas is especially interesting and gives so card a unique design.

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