Additional Features

Punched Hole

To fasten a card on clothing or holders, a hole in the card is necessary. Long or round hole punching is available in different formats which are placed at the desired position on the card. If the card has a data carrier, the position of the carrier is to be considered when hole-punching in order for the carrier to be fully functional.

Signature Panel & Stamp Field

Durch eine Schreibfeld-Beschichtung ist es möglich, auf Plastikkarten mit Kugelschreibern zu unterschreiben. Schreibfelder können transparent, halbtransparent oder weiß ausgeführt sein. Form und Größe von Schreib- und Stempelfeldern sind frei wählbar, es stehen auch Standardausführungen zur Auswahl. Für Unterschriften mit hoher Relevanz bietet Plasticard-ZFT Sicherheitsschreibfelder an. Durch ein spezielles Druckverfahren erkennt man bei diesen Schreibfeldern einen Manipulationsversuch sofort. Mehr Informationen zu Schreibfeldern finden Sie hier.

Braille Embossing

Plasticard-ZFT is also able to equip your cards with Braille characters. In doing so, fixed texts as well as variable data such as a name or card number can be implemented in Braille. 

Scratch-Off Panel

Scratch-off panels cover PIN codes, license numbers, or other access data on a plastic card. This means that information can be protected, for the most part, until it reaches the final user. Scratch-off panels can be applied to cards in freely selected shapes and sizes and are an optional component of personalisation.


TRW foils applied to the card surface enable a repeatable optical personalisation, deletion, and rewriting of cards. This required a special TRW-printer. A monochrome personalisation can be realised in blue or black. The field of application for this type of card are applications with changing data, such as student IDs or visitor passes.

Protective Overlay

Most personalisations such as numbering, barcodes or other surface imprints are applied to the card body after card production and are therefore exposed to full mechanical stress. Additional protective overlays and patches can protect personalisations from abrasion and tampering, thus guaranteeing a long service life for the card.

Effect Finishes

Hot Stamping & Holographic Embossing

Hot stamping is a surface finishing with chrome or effect foil. For an optimal effect, line thicknesses <1mm and bleed-off printing should be avoided. Chrome foil in gold and silver but also other colour and effect foils with holographic structures are available.


In holographies, finely detailed line motifs can be embossed in chrome or holofoil. The resulting effect is not only unique, it also serves as improved protection against copying and counterfeiting. Holographics can be fully customised in terms of external shape, colour and motif.


A pseudo-hologram is created by embossing different shapes and colours on top of each other to create an exclusive look. The image content, shape and foil colour can be freely designed and thus offer a high-quality finishing element at low production costs.

Spot Coating & Relief Coating

Spot and relief coats are partial high-gloss lacquers. The varnished areas are clearly visible and, in the case of relief varnish, can even be felt due to the very high coating thickness. As the varnish is completely transparent, printed layout elements can be particularly emphasised, provided the line thickness is not less than 1.5 mm. The high-gloss effect is particularly striking on matt laminated cards. Matt varnish on glossy cards is also possible.


The watermark is a feature on the surface of the card. Like blind embossing, it is only visible when the card surface reflects the light. The form of the watermark can be chosen freely and is printed on the finished personalised cards.

Surface Structure

Durch speziell vorbehandelte Laminierbleche können auf der Kartenoberfläche erhöhte und vertiefte Strukturen erzeugt werden. Dies sorgt für überraschende optische Effekte und stellt zugleich ein hoch wirksames Sicherheitsmerkmal dar.

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