Schlüsselanhänger Rund in blau, rot, schwarz


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Overview of Chip Types

Up-to-date list of all common and available RFDI-chip types

Key Fobs "Round"

The “Round” key fob is ultrasonically welded and thus, absolutely dust-, dirt- and spray-proof. Furthermore, the RFID-chip within is build-in tamper-proof and cannot be removed or replaced without damaging the fob. The case is made of shatterproof Novodur plastic. The lid can be fully colour-printed. An overlay protects the printing from wear off. There are 19 brilliant colours on offer for the housing.

Gehäusefarben Schlüsselanhänger Rund

Available Housing Colours

RAL 9016Traffic white
RAL 1016Sulfur yellow
RAL 1023Traffic yellow
RAL 2008Light orange
RAL 3016Coral red
RAL 3000Fire red
RAL 4006Traffic pruple
RAL 6018Yellow green
RAL 6024Traffic green
RAL 5018Turquoise blue
RAL 5017Traffic blue
RAL 5003Sapphire blue
RAL 5004Black blue
RAL 8007Fawn brown
RAL 7035Light grey
RAL 7001Silver grey
RAL 7024Graphite grey
RAL 9017Traffic black

Available Chip Types

MIFARE® Chip Types Memory
MIFARE Classic® EV1 1K, 4Byte NON UID1024 Byte
MIFARE Classic® EV1 4K, 4Byte NON UID4096 Byte
MIFARE Classic® EV1 1K, 7Byte UID1024 Byte
MIFARE Ultralight® C192 Byte
MIFARE DESFire EV1 / EV2 / EV3 2K2,048 Byte
MIFARE DESFire EV1 / EV2 / EV3 4K4,096 Byte
MIFARE DESFire EV1 / EV2 / EV3 8K8,192 Byte
LEGIC® Chip Types Memory
LEGIC prime® MIM 256256 Byte
LEGIC prime® MIM 10241024 Byte
LEGIC advant® ATC 256-MV410256 Byte
LEGIC advant® ATC 1024-MV1101024 Byte
LEGIC advant® ATC 4096-MP3114096 Byte
LEGIC advant® ATC 4096-MP3124096 Byte
LEGIC advant® CTC 4096-MP4104096 Byte
LEGIC advant® CTC 4096-MM4104096 Byte
ICODE® Chip Types Memory
EM Chip Types Memory
EM 4200 (successor of EM 4102)8 Byte read-only
EM 4450125 Byte
HITAG® Chip Types Memory
HITAG® 12 kbit
HITAG® 2256 bit
HITAG® S2048 bit
Further Chip Types Memory
Temic 5577363 bit
Tag IT Plus2048 bit