Bedruckte Karten mit spiegelnder oder holografischer Folie


Additional features & Finishing

Additional features such as signature panel, punched hole, embossing, or coating can be found here.

Creating Printing Data

Resolution, trim, and data format not clear? Here you can get an overview

Chrome-like Appearance or Holographic Surface

A particular visual highlight offers full-surface mirrors or hologra¬phic foils that are integrated into the card background. The foils can be printed using offset or screen printing; opaque white can also be realised. The play of translucent and coating areas on the effect foil allowed for hitherto unparalleled visual effects. By printing over the chrome foil with textures and colours, surfaces such as 

  • brushed aluminium
  • used or eroded metals
  • chrome
  • different kinds of metals
  • coloured metals

can be simulated astonishingly well. By partially coating with opaque white, metallic objects or areas can be depicted perfectly.

unbedruckte Karten mit spiegelfolie und holografischer Folie

As the surface of such cards is made up of PVC, personalisation and finishing are available as with conventional plastic cards. Even data carriers such as magnet stripes, barcodes and contact chips can be integrated.

Unterschiedliche Texturen, gebürstetes Aluminium, Gold, Silber, Chrom, Kupfer, erodiert, poliert

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