Blankokarte mit aufgedrucktem Barcode

Barcodes are printed-on alphanumeric data which consist of binary characters in the form of parallel bars and gaps of varying thickness. These can be scanned optoelectronically by bar code scanners and assigned to a customer or product with the help of a corresponding software.

Barcode system Properties
Code 391D Barcode
Code 1281D Barcode
2/5i1D Barcode
EAN 81D Barcode
EAN 131D Barcode
QR-Code2D Barcode
DataMatrix2D Barcode
PDF 4172D Barcode

Magnet Stripes

Blankokarte mit Magnetstreifen
A magnet stripe is a stipe which is covered in magnetic metal oxide. Magnet stripe are available in different versions which are called HiCo (High Coercivity) and LoCo (Low Coercivity). The difference is the magnetic field strength with which they can be written on. 

Type of magent stripe Properties
LoCo 300 OeStandard, data can be erased by exposure to a magnetic field.
HiCo 2750 Oeaccidental deletion nearly impossible, not changeable with standard magnetic heads
HiCo 4000 Oeaccidental deletion nearly impossible, not changeable with standard magnetic heads

Memory chip

Blankokarte mit Speicherchip

Gold-shining contact chips which are implanted into plastic cards are called memory chips. In these cards the chip functions as a data storage which can be written and read. The memory chip can be recognized by its hexagonal shape with six golden contact surfaces. Different chip types vary in memory size and available security features.

Memory chip type Memory size
FM24C02 / Ari24LC02256 Byte
Ari24LC162 KByte
Ari24LC648 KByte
Ari24LC25632 KByte
Ari24LC51264 KByte
FM4442 (SLE5542 compatibel)256 KByte
FM4428 (SLE5528 kompatibel)1 KByte
SLE5542dicontinued, remaining stocks available

Processor chip

Blankokarte mit Prozessorchip

Processor chips belong to the category of contact ships. Thanks to the integrated micro-processor, they can process data autonomously. Thus, it is possible to execute programmes and to protect the saved data via cryptographic procedures from unauthorised access. They can be recognised by their almost squared shape with eight golden or platinum contact surfaces.

Processor chip type Properties
Gemalto Cyberflex Access64 KByte (remaining stocks)
Gemalto IDPrime .NET 510 (.NET)(remaining stocks)
Gemalto IDPrime MD830 / MD840
Atos CardOS 5.0 oder 5.3SLE78CFX3000P
NXP® SmartMX® Sm@rtCaféExpert 6.0 (remaining stocks)
NXP® SmartMX® Sm@rtCaféExpert 7.0
NXP® SmartMX® JCOP V2.4.1 / V2.4.2

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