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The All-Rounder among ID-Cards

Modern company ID-cards often need to meet high challenges. Security, durability and, above all, multi-application capability are the most commonly requested features. Plasticard-ZFT unites security features, highly durable materials and up to five different data carriers in one card.

Dual-Interface-Karte Mitarbeiterausweis personalisiert mit Dual-Interface Chip

What Does Multi-Application Mean?

Aside from the classic time logging, company ID-cards, today, are able to take on a number of other functions too. They control access rights, serve as identification and certificate creation in the computer, as a payment method in the canteen or even as a job ticket is public transport. Thanks to a single multi-application capable chip such as foe example the SmartMXTM crypto-processor or the LEGIC® Card-in-Card solution, all functions can be united in one medium. The combination of several data carriers in one hybrid card makes this possible even if the applied systems work with different technologies (such as magnet stripes, barcode, contact chip and RFID).

Plasticard-ZFT offers...

Individual Card Equipment

Whether with RFID-chip, crypto-processor such as SmartMXTM or simple magnet stripes – company cards are exactly configured and produced according to customer demands. An offset printing for special colours transports the CI of the company onto the card, personalisation and security features make the card individual and protect against manipulation and forgery. For especially high mechanical or thermal stresses, long life card materials are recommended. They improve the bending and breaking properties significantly and make a use of the card possible even with temperatures above 50°C.

Fitting Solutions and Services

  • Personalisation systems (printers, CMS)
  • Card depot & Cards on request
  • PIN-letter, mailing and shipping
  • Lifecycle management

Possible Applications

  • Time logging
  • Access control
  • Single-Sign-on (SSO) / PKI (IT-Access)​
  • Ticketing for public transport (e.g. as VDV (eTicket))
  • Fuel card & fleet use
  • Use of printers & copiers
  • Payment method for canteen and vending machines

Products / Card Types

  • Corporate ID-cards / business ID-cards / plant ID-cards
  • Employee and visitor ID-cards
  • External company ID-cards
  • Job tickets
  • Access cards
  • Time logging cards
  • Access controlling

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