Roboterarm des Inletcollectors

Our Reseach and Development Competences

  • ID-media with very specific properties, sizes, or made of unusual materials
  • Plastikkarten, die außergewöhnliche Belastungen wie hohe Temperaturen, Reibung, Biegebeanspruchung oder Chemikalien überstehen
  • Media in card format with completely new features, with batteries, display, or integrated engines
  • Customised services with a comfortable card process

  • Industrial realisation of a product idea

  • Logistical solutions for globally operating production, ordering, and shipping processes for ID-cards and accessories

  • Electronical card ordering, progress control, and accounting for automated processes

  • Exporting data from customer-owned IT-systems and bring them into suitable interfaces for ID-card processes

Plasticard-ZFT develops...

… new ID-products together with their customers. The spectrum ranges from simply adaptations in which you as a customer can profit from our experience right up to ambitious new products with patent protection, NDA and/or exclusivity agreement. Working in the interest of our customers is our main objective in projects like that. Together with you, we can find a fitting contractual regulation depending on the target.

Ten special machines which can all be traces back to ideas of our developers work in our production site. Thanks to those machines we can realise our broad range of products and services. The development of new processes and machines is our passion! For this Plasticard-ZFT relies on its numerous flexible and innovate mechanical engineers. If it is your wish, we can also provide you with our expertise in the development of new machines and technologies

Aside from our own MES for the operation of our processes, our in-house application development also works on customised solutions, apps for customer applications or services such as “Kartendepot 2.0“. Gemeinsam mit externen Software-Partnern helfen wir Ihnen gern bei der Entwicklung neuer Lösungen für Kundenbindung, Zahlung oder Card-Management. Auch für branchenspezifische Lösungen in Gesundheitswesen, Logistik, Bildung, Automotive, Luftfahrt, Bibliotheken oder Pharmaindustrie steht Plasticard-ZFT als Entwicklungspartner oder als Auftragnehmer zur Verfügung.