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MyTag® ist ein cloudbasiertes Softwaresystem zur Identitätsprüfung, Standorterfassung und der Verwaltung von Berechtigungen, Zertifikaten und Konformitätsnachweisen. Auch Wertgegenstände, Schlüssel oder anderen Objekte wie Inhouse-Post oder gemeinsam genutzte Assets können durch MyTag® einfach und effizient verwaltet und getrackt werden. Alles was dazu benötigt wird, sind NFC-Tags in Form von Labels, individuell bedruckten Chipkarten oder Schlüsselanhängern sowie ein passendes NFC-fähiges Lesegerät wie beispielsweise das Smartphone Ihrer Teammitglieder. Eine App hingegen ist nicht erforderlich.

The ideal plug & play solution for:

  • For digital admission control at events and sporting events
  • Access control for facility management and companies
  • For security services
  • and much more
  • For companies to check authorisations, e.g. to operate machines or enter secured areas.
  • Proof of competence for trained staff, teachers or trainers
  • Proof of participation in instruction and workshops
  • In medicine - authorisation to access medicines and treatment methods
  • and much more
  • For companies for time recording for timesheets and payroll accounting
  • Mobile also possible for staff in the home office
  • For home visits and field work
  • For security services and mobile intervention teams
  • and much more
  • For security services to record and prove prescribed routes and checkpoints
  • Attendance record for employees, students, pupils or also the examination supervisor
  • Proof of attendance at instructions and workshops
  • and much more

For building management, facility managers or service providers to demonstrate regular maintenance of systems and equipment such as water hygiene, portable appliances, fire detectors, fire extinguishers and sprinklers, maintenance of lifts and air conditioning systems.

For managing keys and numerous other portable and mobile items such as bicycles and scooters, company telephones and laptops, access cards and special tools.

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