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Your specialist for chip cards, RFID-cards, ID media, and card services "Made in Germany"
Seit über 30 Jahren sind wir Entwickler, Hersteller und Dienstleister aus Leidenschaft.

Plastic cards, chips cards, and more

We produce individual plastic plastic card in ISO and special formats, eco-material (wood, cardboard) and suitable to all demands.

RFID-cards, combi- and hybrid cards

RFID-technology, also in combination with multiple data carriers, are our speciality.

RFID-key rings, RFID-tags and other ID-media

We offer RFID-media with the fitting form factor for numerous applications.

Personalisation - visual and electronical

We supply name, passport photo, number and the appropriate encoding for all applications.

Mailing, PIN-letter and Cards-on-Demand

We ship your cards directly to the user, even daily.

Packing, Accessories and Printers

Everything concerning cards - from present wrapping, card cases and yoyos to card printers.

References - We manufacture for (among others):


Chip Wafer Qualitätsprüfung

Microchip allocation

Major shortage of small chips There is currently an acute shortage of semiconductor technology worldwide - microchips that are not only built into smartphones, laptops and consumer electronics, but are also used in large quantities for the automotive industry and numerous other

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Kartonkarte im Kreditkartenformat

Eco-friendly cardboard cards

Sustainability is becoming a trend topic in the press and on social media. Plasticard-ZFT is working on environmentally friends and ecological solutions, too. Plastic cards are intended for a long life and thus a sustainable usage, however

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Lasermaschine beim Schneiden von Holz

New Laser Machine

Plasticard’s machine park has once again gotten a new member. Two new laser machines will improve our competence in the area of laser engraving of key rings, ID-cards, and in separation. On the route to more sustainability

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Smart-City Skyline mit Icons Wifi, RFID, Smarthome, Smartphone

The New UCODE® DNA Chip

UHF Weitbereichsanwendungen hatten bisher ihre Schwachstelle in der Sicherheit. Chips und Schnittstellen konnten nicht ausreichend gesichert werden, um dem Einsatz in sensiblen Bereichen gewachsen zu sein. Der neue UCODE® DNA, DNA Track und DNA City

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Plastikkarte mit MIFARE DESFire Light

The New MIFARE DESFire® Light

Neuer Chip, neue Möglichkeiten – der MIFARE DESFire® Light öffnet die Türen für ein „internet of services“. Durch seine DESFire EV2 Kompatibilität bietet er das höchste z. Zt. verfügbare Sicherheitslevel bei gleichzeitig günstigem Beschaffungspreis auf

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