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Your specialist for chip cards, RFID-cards, ID media, and card services "Made in Germany"
For more than 30 years, we have been a passionate developer, producer, and service provider.

Plastic Cards, Chip Cards and more

We manufacture customised plastic cards in ISO or special formats, eco-materials (wood, cardboard) and to suit every requirement.

RFID-Cards, Combi- and Hybrid Cards

RFID-technology, also in combination with multiple data carriers, are our speciality.

RFID-Key Rings, RFID-Tags and other ID-Media

We offer RFID-media with the fitting form factor for numerous applications.

Personalisation - Visual and Electronic

We supply name, passport photo, number and the appropriate encoding for all applications.

Mailing, PIN-Letter and Cards-on-Demand

We ship your cards directly to the user, even daily.

Packaging, Accessories and Printers

Everything to do with cards - from gift wrapping to ID card sleeves and yo-yos to card printers.


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The New UCODE® DNA Chip

Until now, UHF long-range applications have had their weak point in terms of security. Chips and interfaces could not be sufficiently secured to cope with use in sensitive areas.

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