Dual-Interface-Karte Mitarbeiterausweis personalisiert mit Dual-Interface Chip

Identity should be seen

Only personalisation makes the card function as an ID-medium and turn it into an individual loyalty, customer, or ID-card. The term “visual personalisation” covers all visually perceivable print-ons of numbers, names, PIN-codes or passport photos. Detailed information on the methods, their possibilities and capacity can be found under Printing Methods.

Data Security

The compliance with the Federal Data Protection Act and the security of your data is important to us. Please read our notice concerning Contract Data Processing & Data Protection

Personalisation Methods on Laminate

Personalisation data is usually printed onto the pre-printed or white card (blanks). Thermo transfer, thermo sublimation and retransfer printing are very common methods for this. Embossing is another method known from credit cards and is appreciated because of its fine optics. Plasticard-ZFT also offers these methods for VIP- or membership cards and for the embossing of braille. By lasering names or photos, even higher security and durability requirements can be met. For this, the cards need to have a special laser-capable overlay material. An overview of all personalisation methods can be found in the basics under Printing Methods. As a service, Plasticard-ZFT offers all personalisation options in the initial provision and for the later re-provisions up to the production of minimal quantities. The storing of card blanks is hereby always for free. 

You want to personalise the cards yourself? We are happy to advise you regading and deliver the fitting hard- and software.

"Sub-Surface": Personalisation under Laminate

A personalisation under laminate is part of the inner card and thus offers a crucial advantage compared to print-on personalisation: it cannot be removes wilfully or by great stress. Plasticard-ZFT can realise these personalisations with its in-house printing methods.

Maximum Flexibility 
You have a signature colour or font and want both to be used in visual personalisation as well? OSP-digital printing under laminate makes all wished possible and provides an acceding ap-pearance quality and durability. Ask our experts!