unterschiedliche XXL Karten als Crewpass, Einfahrtsberechtigung oder Ticket


Creating Printing Data

Resolution, trim, and data format not clear? Here you can get an overview

Format Overview

Here you can find an overview of all available XXL-standard formats

Big Cards, Big Impact

He who wants to attract attention must step out of line! That’s why there are many plastic cards in over-size formats which can be found primarily in the event industry, or the voucher section at supermarket or petrol station check-outs. Over-size formats not only offer a supreme advertising space but can also be read from a greater distance. By now cards are available in numerous different formats, some of which can be personalised in special XXL-card printers. Therefore, XXL-cards are increasingly used as name tags, accreditation cards at sporting and other kinds of events. A well-known application is the voucher card with Europunch and ISO card for breaking-off with barcode or Magnet Stripes. Apart from that, XXL-cards which function as access permits are possible thank to RFID-technology (e.g. UHF). You can find more information on that under XXL RFID-Cards.

Personalisable XXL and Xtended Cards

In general, XXL-cards can get an individual personalisation. This is possible with printing under laminate in all formats or with an additional print via a special card printer. This is suitable for the following formats:

  • 140 x 54 mm*
  • 124 x 85.6 mm*

*Depending on the card printer the printed area may be limited to a credit card format

XXL Karte mit eingezeichnetem Druckbereich für XXL Kartendrucker

Available XXL-standard formats

144 x 92 mm140 x 54 mm*
140 x 88 mm128.5 x 54 mm
134 x 85 mm120 x 54 mm
110 x 65 mm108 x 35 mm
105 x 72 mm85 x 35 mm
101 x 77 mm124 x 88 mm
98.5 x 66.7 mm61 x 54 mm

*) fitting card printers available

Alle XXL Kartenformate nebeneinander

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