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Layout & printing

Print approval

Print approval can be granted in different ways, depending on the order value and the risk. Here, we will explain to you all the procedures that Plasticard-ZFT offers.

Approval on the basis of a proof print

Before production, a proof print (good for printing) is produced and provided as a PDF file. The proof print shows the layout and data media of your cards in a commented format, with all the order-related operations, e.g. visual or electronic personalisation. The production of the order begins only after the approval of the document.

Approval on the basis of sample card

In an OSP digital printing procedure, you receive a genuine press proof sample card (without data media) within 24 h. The layout and the processing correspond 100% to the subsequent print run with OSP printing.

Proof for colour control

For offset printing in CMYK, we provide you with a digital proof to check the colour reproduction, on request. This true-colour proof is a cost-effective alternative to a press proof.

Approval on the basis of a press proof

For large print runs using offset and silk-screen printing, it is recommended that you order a press proof. Press proofs of this kind are time-consuming to produce and result in high costs, which we offer you in advance as binding costs. Plasticard-ZFT provides the option of testing up to 20 colour versions with one press proof without additional costs.

Printing inspection on the printing machine

Particularly difficult combinations of colours must occasionally be assessed and corrected right on the machine. If required, you can agree such an inspection and the subsequent approval with us.

Technical drawing

Alongside the view of the print layout and personalisation, the proof print serves as a technical product drawing. The data media, product format and thickness and the design of materials and their properties can be checked on the basis of the proof print.

Proof print for resellers

Plasticard-ZFT provides resellers with proof prints with a neutral design. For our regular customers, we are also happy to create proof prints in your company design, so that you can send these on quickly and simply to your customers.