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Surface finishing

Hotstamp / hot foil stamping

Heißprägung in Silber

Hot foil stamping is a surface finishing process with chrome or special effect foils. For an optimum effect, stroke widths under 1 mm and bleed-off printing should be avoided. Chrome foils in gold and silver, as well as foils in other colours or special effect foils, are available.

Relief varnish

Relieflack in Schlangenhautoptik

Relief varnish is a partial high-gloss varnish with a very high thickness. The varnished areas are clearly visible and can also be identified by touch due to their elevation. As the varnish is completely transparent, printed layout elements can be particularly emphasised, provided that the stroke width is not less than 1.5 mm. The high-gloss effect is particularly striking on matt laminated cards.

Matt effect

Mattlack auf glänzender Kartenoberfläche

The matt effect is a transparent, matt surface coating of the plastic card. This can be partially applied, according to the customers' requirements and the layout. Here, a margin of 2mm must be observed, however. For a bleed-off effect, however, cards can also be semi-matt laminated over their entire area.

Holographic embossing

Standard-Hologramm "Weltkugel"

You have a free selection of standard holograms and holographic foils. A number of holographic continuous designs or standard holograms, such as "globe" and "VIP" are available. These features provide protection against copying, but only limited protection against counterfeiting. We offer customer-specific holograms with 2D or 3D designs as security features.

Holographics & pseudoholograms

HoloGrafik in Gold

In holographics, finely detailed line designs can be stamped on the holographic foil. The resulting effect is not unique. It acts as improved protection against copying and counterfeiting. So does the pseudohologram. This arises from a repeated (blind) embossing and also produces an exclusive appearance. In both procedures, the image contents or the design can be freely created at a relatively low cost.

Surface structures

Oberflächenstrukturen auf Plastikkarte

Due to specially pre-treated lamination plates, raised and deepened structures can be produced on the surface of the card. This provides a surprising visual effect and, at the same time, constitutes a highly effective security feature.


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