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RFID media


Shape, colour, technology

RFID stickers for marketing, logistics or security applications can be stuck on almost any base. The plastic stickers with RFID chips can be delivered transparent, white or with something printed on them. Plasticard-ZFT produces RFID labels in standard formats or in almost any requested formats, according to your requirements. You can find an overview of the possible RFID technologies here. Possible features are in the column on the right.

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Secure identification of people and objects

RFID labels have a number of areas of application. They serve as an "upgrade" of existing ID cards or make objects identifiable automatically. For security-sensitive applications, Plasticard-ZFT offers a tamper-proof feature that makes the label instantly unusable in the event of attempts to tamper with it. You can find special versions for use as an RFID windshield tag, a mobile phone sticker or a driving licence label above.

RFID-Label auf Metalluntergrund

Smart nameplate

Tags on metal in a plastic card format can be printed with standard card printers. The labels have a special ferrite layer and can be attached to metal surfaces and read and encoded with portable RFID readers or NFC mobiles. Plasticard-ZFT produces tags on metal with all HF and UHF chips

Formats by requirement

In addition to the traditional plastic card format ID1, tags on metal can also be adapted to the place of use. However, it is necessary to bear in mind that formats that differ from the ID1 format mean a greater expense for the subsequent personalisation.

Indoors or outdoors

Tags on metal can be produced for applications both indoors and outdoors. The difference is in the weather-resistance and the UV-resistance of materials and inks.