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Plastic & chip cards

Good to know

Magnetic stripes can also be used as a decorative element or as advertising media. We would be happy to advise you about design options.

Blankokarte mit Magnetstreifen

Multi-purpose magnetic stripe cards

Magnetic stripes are an inexpensive and universally deployable data medium. Fitness studios, hotels, petrol stations and retailers use magnetic stripe cards as customer cards or bonus cards.

Plasticard-ZFT produces custom-printed magnetic stripe cards with LoCo or HiCo magnetic stripes, in accordance with ISO 7811. Magnetic stripes can be combined with any other data media. The full overview of combination possibilities can be found here.

LoCo or HiCo

The difference between these types of magnetic stripes is in the magnetic force that is required for encoding and erasing. LoCo magnetic stripes with 300 Oe (Oersted) are used for credit and debit cards and can easily be erased by mistake. HiCo stripes with 2750 or 4000 Oe are much more robust and are often used for ID cards.

You don't know which type you need? Send us one of your existing cards to test. We will analyse it and send the card back, indicating the type.

Blank cards

Do you need white cards with magnetic stripe for printing? Plasticard ZFT delivers magnetic stripe cards with LoCo or HiCo quickly from stock. Give us a call or make use of the instant enquiry.

A free costing portal is available for dealers. You can register here.