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Plastic & chip cards

Karte mit Kontaktchip

Memory or processor chip?

Memory chips record between 256 and 64 kilobytes of data. Some types of chip have additional write protection and are thus also suitable for simple bonus or prepaid solutions (e.g. SLE 5542).

Processor chips can also process data in applications, encrypt it securely and make it available for other applications. Finding the right processor chip is not easy because you have to know the operating system required, as well as the type of chip.

We would be happy to help you in this selection process by providing advice and samples. You can find a list of the available types of chip here. If your desired chip is not there, contact us.

Contact chip cards for every purpose

Contact chips are reliable and inexpensive data media. They serve as bonus cards or loyalty cards, as well as money cards, SIM cards and high-security ID cards for access, IT-security or PKI.

Plasticard-ZFT produces contact chip cards according to ISO 7810 and 7816 with customised printing and features. The chip implanting through hot melt processes guarantees maximum durability and the highest quality of workmanship. Contact chips can be combined with any other data media. You can find a full overview of the combination possibilities here.

Blank cards

Do you need white cards with contact chip for printing? Plasticard ZFT delivers contact chip cards with memory chip quickly from stock. Give us a call or make use of the instant enquiry.

A free costing portal is available for dealers. You can register here.


Do you need samples? Complete the sample request form, and we will be happy to send you a selection of cards.