Temperaturlogger für Lebensmittelüberwachung


Creating Printing Data

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Record and Transmit Temperatures via NFC

A temperature logger (data logger) is a processor-controlled storage unite which measures and processes data in a specified rhythm and time frame. With an NFC-capable temperature logger the possibility to record the temperature of products cost-efficiently and discreetly is created.

The activation of the data logger, the adjustment of the measuring rhythm, start and end can be made comfortable with an NFC-capable smartphone and a smartphone app. The app also ensures the display and, if needed, transmission of the collected data to a background system. The allocation of the data to date, time and place of measurement is possible.

Potential use cases for the active temperature logger:

  • • Food industry – Transportation and storage of wares
  • Food delivery services
  • Medicine – Transportation of medication, blood stocks
  • Trade – Transportation of floristry items

Battery Life 
The temperature logger is equipped with a modern, wafer-thin battery. Depending on the frequency of usage, the card can be used for a time span of up to two years. The integrated battery cannot be recharged!

One Example for Application: Food Delivery Services

Grafik Temperaturlogger Funktionsweise

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