Large shortage of small chips

There is currently an acute shortage of semiconductor technology worldwide - microchips that are not only installed in smartphones, laptops and consumer electronics, but are also needed in large quantities for the automotive industry and numerous other industries with microchip applications.

As early as January 2021, the newspaper Zeit-Online ran a headline after an interview with Dr Peter Buchholz, head of the German Raw Materials Agency, that the trigger for the chip crisis "already goes back several months and is based on an interaction." The online format goes on to report, "When automotive sales plummeted worldwide in the spring of 2020, demand for consumer electronics rose globally as Corona-induced mobile phones and laptops for the home office were bought. So chipmakers found alternative customers to the auto industry. Car sales picked up surprisingly early in China and from autumn in Germany. So suppliers and the car industry ordered higher batches of microchips - and their manufacturers couldn't and can't deliver because they can't keep up with production."

Plasticard-ZFT has been observing the market situation for some time and, together with partners and suppliers, has kept the most common chip types in stock in larger quantities. This means that we can continue to be a reliable partner and ensure the usual delivery times for corresponding chip cards in standard runs. However, for some chips as well as for large projects, bottlenecks may arise which we can only manage optimally in close and transparent cooperation with you. Only together with you can we plan economically and with foresight in the current situation.

Chip Wafer Qualitätsprüfung

We therefore recommend:

  • Please check your current stocks and let us know if they are likely to be used up within the next 18-24 months.
  • If you are planning a larger project, please allow for a sufficient buffer and include us in your procurement planning at an early stage.
  • If possible, expect longer delivery times from the outset.
  • Talk to us so that we can plan your requirements in good time.

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