New Head of Sales & Marketing and Co-Managing Director Bernd Buschmann

Since 01.05.2021, Bernd Buschmann has been strengthening our team as Head of Sales & Marketing. In addition, he is a new member of the Plasticard-ZFT management team and in this position will contribute to the strategic development and orientation of the entire company.
Mr. Buschmann is a well-known figure in our industry. During the last 10 years, he worked at HID Global and was, among other things, responsible for the European market as sales manager for 5 years.
Due to his many years of experience in international corporate business and also due to his professional roots in medium-sized companies, he will bring you as our customers, partners and interested parties and Plasticard-ZFT as a manufacturer and service provider closer together with his open manner.
Bernd Buschmann has just turned forty and lives with his family on the Lower Rhine, near Düsseldorf. In addition to regular national and international business trips, he will also be frequently and regularly on site with us in Dresden. 
We very much hope that personal meetings will soon be possible again to get to know each other personally, to exchange ideas and to work out joint plans.
Until then, Mr. Buschmann will introduce himself Corona-Conform by telephone or video meeting and will be happy to answer your questions and enquiries at any time.
The fresh wind is already noticeable in the house and we are looking forward to working with Mr. Buschmann and all of you.

Portrait Bernd Buschmann