Virtual LEGIC® Chip

The LEGIC Card-in-Card technology makes a fusion of LEGIC-based multi-application systems with other micro-controller-based applications on a single RFID-chip possible.

The function of LEGIC transponders is integrated into a Java-capable RFID-card (e.g. SmartMX®) as a “virtual card” in the form of a secure applet (LEGIC all-in-one area). The contactless LEGIC application world can thus be integrates very easily. Typical examples of such third-party cards are:

  • ID-cards for logical access as for example PC-login, network access or PKI
  • Tickets for public transport / ticketing (e.g. VDV)
  • Debit or credit cards
  • SIM-cards for NFC-mobile phones

The LEGIC all-in-one Area

The LEGIC all-in-one area is the core element of the virtual transponder. It emulates a LEGIC chip on the micro-processor  of your RFID card and has the same multi-application capability and security features (MTSC) as common LEGIC Advant chips. The virtual LEGIC transponder acts for a LEGIC reader exactly  like a regular LEGIC Advant chip.

Integration LEGIC card-in-card

Easy Integration and Flexible Application

Only a few steps are needed to use the LEGIC all-in-one area as a virtual transponder:

Step Process / Card Properties Result
1) Initialisation The card is prepared and the LECIG all-in-one area is applies. This step is done in a secure environment. LEGIC initialised
2) Activation The LEGIC all-in-one functionality is installed and the applet activated - After this the area can be used as a regular LEGIC transponder. LEGIC activated (Empty media)
3) Personalisation Regular use as a LEGIC transponder. Initialising of segments, applying application and personal data. This process is identical for all LEGIC transponders.
Ablauf LEGIC card-in-card