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Plasticard-ZFT is amongst the companies that were founded in the former GDR after reunification. The company's founders were two engineers from Dresden and a businessman from Düsseldorf. The company was entered in commercial register B in Dresden on 24th May 1991. The first premises of the company were at Tiergartenstrasse 85.

In 1992, 6 employees generated a turnover of 550,000 DM.

Since 1993, Plasticard-ZFT is owned in equal shares by the two co-founders Hertel and Werner.

1995 to 2000

Since 1995, Plasticard-ZFT GmbH has concentrated exclusively on plastic cards. The idea of a completely automatic flexible production line for cards emerged.

In 1996, the company moved to its current location at Reisewitzer Strasse 82. The first trainee was employed.

In 1998, the first new automatic card machine was put into operation. Double-digit growth rates were achieved in turnover and profits annually.

In 1999, the turnover was 3.9 million DM; the number of employees had increased to 16.

2001 to 2006

From 2002, Plasticard-ZFT acquired a neighbouring property and began the plans for a new production building that was officially opened in May 2004.

In 2005, the redesign of the old office building began. Plasticard-ZFT now had 32 employees and 6 trainees and was certified in December according to ISO 9001-2000. Turnover increased to 4.4 million euros.

In 2006, further investments were made in the training of the employees, in research and development and in equipment. € 460,000 was spent on a new mailing system, the expansion of a security division and the acquisition of a chip implanter and a laminator.

2007 to 2013

In 2007, the entire corporate design was subjected to a redesign and was given a modern and professional look.

In 2008, the company invested in new printing technologies and achieved a turnover of more than € 6.5 million for the first time.

In the anniversary year 2011, another innovative system was put into operation: the inlet collection can assemble antennae or components on printing sheets in a freely programmable way.

In 2012, the company purchased another adjacent property and the plans for the next expansion of the company began.

2013 to 2016

In 2013, a completely new company website was released, accompanied by the first complete product catalogue.

By 2014, demolition work for the planned new construction was already in full swing. Plasticard-ZTF began research in tamper-proof technology and went into production for their own software for automatic print form optimisation. 

In 2015, the new building was completed and dedicated. The Plasticard-ZTF headquarters now encompass almost 4,000 qm of production and office space with over 70 employees. Along with the new construction, 6 new special machines were purchased, including equipment for automatic card sorting, for punching special forms and for 3-row printing.

In 2016, the company celebrated its 25-year anniversary. New products, such as Beacons with BLE technology, now complement the product range. The R&D department is working on cards with a built-in E-ink display.