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Personalisierter Schülerausweis

Identity should be seen

Numbering, barcode, name or passport photo – most media are supposed to be customised - the technical term for this is personalisation. Depending on the medium and the security and durability requirements, a variety of technical options are available. You can find detailed information on the procedures, their options and resilience in the downloads below.

Personalisation procedure on the laminated surface

Personalisation data is generally printed on pre-printed or white cards (blank cards). Thermal transfer, dye sublimation or retransfer printing are widespread procedures.

Embossing is familiar from the credit card and is valued because of the elegant appearance. Plasticard-ZFT also offers the procedure for VIP cards or membership cards and for printing Braille.

Stringent requirements for security and durability are met by lasering names or photos. Plasticard-ZFT provides the necessary cards for this, with a special laserable material.

All the procedures are offered as a service by Plasticard-ZFT in the initial supply and for subsequent replenishments, up to the production of individual cards. You would like to personalise your cards yourself? We would be happy to recommend or provide you with the right hardware and software.

"Sub-surface": personalisation under the laminated surface

Personalisation under the laminated surface takes place inside the card and thus offers a decisive advantage in comparison to a personalisation printed on the surface: it cannot be removed either deliberately or by heavy wear. Plasticard-ZFT can offer this personalisation with its own OSP printing.

Data security

Adherence to the Federal Data Protection Act and the security of your data are important to us. Please read our information on commissioned data processing and on data security.


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  Loadability of personalisation
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Good to know:

Are you looking for a card that can be erased and reprinted again and again? Plasticard-ZFT produces such cards with Thermo-Rewrite-Foil.