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Online ID order

Personalise them yourself or get them personalised?

We will help you with both options and would be happy to help you make up your mind too. How soon is the personalised card needed? How many cards do I need per day, per month or per year? Tell us your conditions and we will prepare a quotation for you for both options. You decide on the basis of your criteria.

What does card retrieval mean?

  • You need personalised ID cards, customer cards or membership cards quickly?
  • You do not want to keep either the equipment or the staff for the production of these ID cards?
  • You would like to send ID cards, customer cards or membership cards promptly and in professional packaging?
  • Your requirements fluctuate significantly depending on the seasons?

If you can answer YES to one of these questions, you should read on.

How does it work?

The online retrieval of personalised cards works in the way that you are familiar with from online banking:

  • You deposit your blank cards with us in the card depot, free of charge
  • You open an account (i.e. a service job) with Plasticard-ZFT
  • We agree the manner of personalisation and the conditions for the retrieval with you
  • You enter the required personalisation data online or upload a file
  • We provide personalised cards within 24h, 3 working days or by agreement