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Card depot 2.0

Card depot 2.0 is a web-based ordering system that enables customers to generate, order and manage personalised ID media (ID cards, tokens, labels etc.) with little effort.

What is new about it?

  • Management of operator rights
  • Display of prices, display of order value
  • Optional integration of SAP and the available CMS (Card Management System)
  • Multi-client capable
  • Resellers can manage their own prices
  • Accessories can be selected instantly and included in the order
  • Photos can be taken and edited directly at the workstation, using a USB webcam
  • Repeat orders without reentering the ID data
  • Lettershop services can also be ordered and managed

The spectrum of services offered by Card depot 2.0

  • The spectrum of services offered by Card depot 2.0
  • Managing roles and rights centrally
  • Personalising and ordering ID cards and other ID products (key fobs, tokens, NFC media) and
  • ID accessories, PIN letters, acknowledgements of receipt etc.
  • Instantly seeing costs for each item and order
  • Creating passport photos with webcams in the browser window and
  • Editing them automatically
  • Keeping an inventory of all consumables (e.g. blank ID cards, ID accessories, letter heads)
  • Seeing all order processes
  • Creating new orders, changing order rights, creating, blocking and releasing items and prices
  • Importing and exporting all orders in and out of SAP (as required)


  • Managing / automatically assigning number ranges
  • Managing ID cards over the entire lifecycle
  • Connecting the available CMS (for PKI and/or logical access)
  • Further reseller levels
  • Defining collection models
  • Freely selecting and setting delivery times