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Security features

Printed security features

Guillochen und Microtext im Irisdruck sowie UV-Farben auf einer Karte

Features printed under the laminated surface with a resolution of 1400 dpi or more cannot be reproduced either by photocopiers or by standard card printers. These security features include guilloches, microtexts, OVI and rainbow printing, as well as hidden printing effects, such as UV-illuminating or IR-sensitive inks.  


Kundenindividuelles Hologramm mit Landeswappen

Holograms with customer-specific designs provide a high degree of protection against counterfeiting and verifiability without aids. Two or three-dimensional image contents are incorporated into foils in a complicated production process and embossed onto cards. The copying or simulation of this kind of customer-specific hologram is not possible with simple tools. Plasticard-ZFT works exclusively with certified European producers with regard to the development and production of such holograms. You can find inexpensive alternatives with a low level of security under "Finishing".

Security signature panel

Sicherheitsschreibfeld mit manipuliertem Bereich

A security signature panel makes attempts at tampering with signatures visible. The coating that can be written on has an additional overprint, which disappears when wiped strongly or when chemicals are used. In the event of the complete removal of the coating, the card base is visible, which may be printed with the word "invalid".

Transparent areas

Karte mit transparentem Bereich

Transparent areas within a card cannot be copied, simulated, or printed on. The printing and production of such partially transparent cards requires know-how and special technologies. Plasticard-ZFT can produce cards which are partially transparent as a security feature.

CLI and MLI elements

CLI auf deutschem Führerschein

CLI and MLI elements are lenticulars or, colloquially, "flip images". A lens grid is brought into the card surface, which reveals two different designs, depending on the visual angle. These designs may contain variable data which will also make counterfeiting more difficult.

Why security features?

Security features are indispensable for all kinds of ID cards because they make a visual authenticity check possible. Card readers are not always available. Security features raise the threshold for criminal imitations and almost completely prevent the use of primitive imitations or copies. In the case of prepaid cards (e.g. monthly or yearly cards), security features are indispensable!


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