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Additional features

Signature panel

Plastikkarte mit Schreibfeld

Only a signature panel coating makes it possible to sign plastic cards with pens. The signature panels may be transparent, semi-transparent or white. The shape and size of signature and stamp panels can be freely selected. Plasticard-ZFT offers value-for-money standards for signature panels. Security signature panels are to be preferred for signatures of great importance. You can find more detailed information here:

 Information sheet signature panel (DE)

Security features

Plastikkarte mit Guillochen, Irisdruck und UV-Sicherheitsfarbe

For many applications, security against counterfeiting is necessary. Typical counterfeiting methods are reprints with standard card printers or colour copies. There are extensive possibilities for protecting your card against copying, tampering or counterfeiting. You can find an overview of the different procedures under "Security features" or here:

 flyer security features

Punching round & oblong holes

Plastikkarte mit Rundloch, Langloch

For attaching cards to clothing or holders, it is usual to punch a hole in the card. Oblong or round holes are punched precisely and cleanly in the card by machine processing. We also take the position of any data media into consideration, in order to guarantee their functionality even after the hole has been punched. You can find detailed information here:

 Information sheet punching holes (DE)

Thermal rewrite film (TRW)

Plastikkarte mit TRW (Thermorewritefolie)

A TRW film on the surface of the card allows the repeated visual personalisation, deletion and rewriting of cards. A special TRW printer is necessary for this. The personalisation can be coloured blue or black. The use of TRW cards makes sense for card applications with changing data, such as for student ID cards or visitor passes.

Good to know

Signature panels are suitable for ballpoint but not for stamping ink. Therefore Plasticard-ZFT provides special stamping coating. Ask us.


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