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Special format cards

Sonderformatkarte mit abbrechbarer ISO Karte und Eurolochung

Plastic cards that stand out

If you want to stand out, you have to be out of the ordinary: that is why there are a number of large formats, which can be seen in supermarkets, at petrol stations or at cultural events.

What you should know

There is no personalisation equipment for large format cards (an exception is XXL or super long cards). They can, however, be ordered ready-personalised from Plasticard-ZFT. For some formats, there are already stamping tools, which reduces effort, and thus also the delivery time and costs. If you require a new format, please contact us.

Useful details

Typical large format applications are gift cards, name badges and combined gift and customer cards. For these cards, formats of 133mm x 85 mm or 130 mm x 85 mm are available The cards can have euro-standard punching for displays and stamped lines for a detachable customer card in the format 85 mm x 54 mm. Cards of this format may be equipped with a serial number, a scratch off panel, a magnetic stripe and/or a barcode.