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Special format cards

Mini SIM-Karte
SIM-Karte, Mini SIM, Micro SIM, Nano SIM

The card in the card

The SIM card is known to almost everyone since the invention of the mobile telephone. SIM cards are stamped into an ISO card, such that there is a bar with a pre-determined break-off point on three sides, for breaking the SIM away from the card.

SIM cards are suitable for a number of applications outside the world of GSM. As a security module in mobile devices or terminals, as data media in controls or medical equipment, they are an interesting alternative, which is also suitable for bulk mailing. 

Plasticard-ZFT produces cards with 3-bar mini-SIM stamping, in accordance with ISO 7810, ID-000 (2FF) with the final dimensions 25 x 15 mm. Micro-SIM (3FF) and Nano-SIM (4FF) are also possible. All the standard chip modules can be implanted. You can find an overview here.