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Special format cards

bedruckte Minikarten/Schlüsselfinder mit Rundloch

With you everywhere

Mini cards can be attached to any lanyard with their optional punched hole. Thus, the mini card can be with you everywhere as a customer card or key finder. For a long life on the lanyard, Plasticard-ZFT offers a special casing that protects the card from breakage, scratches and wear. 

For marketing or security

Plasticard ZFT mini cards are 50 x 25 mm in size. Custom-printing, personalisation, punching or an RFID chip are also practicable in this format. Thus, the small plastic cards are suitable for use as ID cards, key finders, promotional gifts, customer cards, gift cards or loyalty cards.

bedruckte Minikarte im Gehäuse

Good to know

Mini cards are a standard product from us, so there are no additional tool costs.