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RFID media

Armband mit RFID-Chip

Technology and features

Plasticard-ZFT produces RFID wristbands with all types of HF chip, in accordance with ISO 15693, and with all types of UHF chip. The range can vary from 5 cm to 1 m, depending on the type of chip and the reader. With custom-printing and complete personalisation, they are used, for example, in the area of identification, payment functions, access control, loyalty and location. Please ask us about the types of chips that can be provided. You can find a selection of the possible features in the column on the right.

Hygienic reusable wristband

The RFID wristbands developed by Plasticard-ZFT are unique with regard to their design and properties. The patented design makes it possible to open and close the wristband without additional components or aids. The soft and skin-friendly material is particularly suited for use in saunas, fitness clubs, hospitals and nursing homes. It is washable, resistant to disinfectants and can withstand temperatures up to 100°C. There is hardly an opportunity for germs and dirt on the surface.