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RFID media

NFC gives a boost to business.

Control your mobile with NFC-enabled tags, call up films, apps or advertisements. NFC tags make numerous interaction options and marketing ideas possible. NFC will provide a lot of new product and marketing ideas more quickly and conveniently than QR codes. Plasticard-ZFT produces NFC tags in any quantity desired and with customised features and forms.

Our keyfobs can also be equipped with NFC chips.

Handy mit NFC-Sticker

NFC for every mobile

NFC is currently integrated in fewer than 5% of all mobiles on the market. Payment, collection of bonus points or identification for all? The way to this is through special stickers for the back of the mobile. Plasticard-ZFT produces self-adhesive mobile phone stickers, with which RFID communication with readers is possible. The high-quality plastic design can be custom-printed and personalised. The integrated shielding ferrite foil ensures the functionality of the NFC or RFID chips. The mobile phone stickers can alternatively be supplied in a plastic card format with a detachable label.

NFC Tags