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RFID media

Schlüsselanhänger in Tropfenform


The key fob in the shape of a raindrop is inexpensive and robust. This design can be delivered with up to 2 dust-proof and watertight sealed RFID chips. The cover is fixed securely to the injection moulded casing made from glass fibre reinforced polyimide. The personalisation and logo can be applied by laser engraving.

Evolution Schlüsselanhänger mit Metallring

Evolution & Evolution+

The "Evolution" is a high-quality and robust key fob made from stainless steel and ABS plastic. The casing is dust-proof, dirt-proof and splash-proof. This design can be supplied in 2 different versions. Evolution Standard with an ABS surface on both sides or Evolution Plus as a printable version with a PVC cover.

Schlüsselanhänger Rund


The key fob with the "round" design is ultrasonically welded and thus completely watertight. The cover can be custom-printed using offset or digital printing, and can thus also be personalised with a passport photo. The shatter-proof casing protects the RFID chip inside from damage and is available in the standard colours of red, green, blue and black.

MyKey Schlüsselanhänger


A key fob with extensive customisation options and a high-quality appearance. MyKey has a transparent outer casing with an embedded mini plastic card. The special feature of this model is the unlimited flexibility to design the mini card with spot colours, Pantone colours or process colours and the option of personalising it with a name and passport photo. The additional transparent casing protects the printing and the personalisation.

ELegance Schlüsselanhänger mit Metallgehäuse und Lederband


The Elegance key fob is one of the top quality products in this area. The precious metal key ring and casing are connected by a leather band. The plastic cover is irreversibly welded to the casing. The key fob can be custom-printed on both sides. Personalisation with numbers, names, a passport photo or a barcode is practicable on both sides.

eXis Schlüsselanhänger mit Metallgehäuse


The eXis key fob stands for elegance and value. This key fob was designed with the objective of high security and durability. The casing consists of a massive stainless steel ring. The plastic cover and underside can both be custom-printed and are welded to the casing with a watertight seal.


You can find detailed Information about workmanship, RFID chips and colours here:
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Good to know

Nearly all LF and HF chips are available for keyfobs. You can find a list of the available types of chip here.