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RFID cards

Karte mit RFID-Chip


What you should know about standards and RFID

A number of applications in the field of security require the use of RFID chips that comply with certain standards. This relates to the transmission protocol of the air interface, as well as the encryption standards for the storage of the information.

ISO 14443 is a standard for the transmission of information in the area of proximity (<10cm). The area of vicinity from 10 cm to 100 cm is described by ISO 15693.

Please also ask us for the encryption procedures, such as 3DES or AES, and the security certifications, such as EAL4 or 5, for RFID chips. Our specialists would be happy to help you. The full list of the available types of chips can be found here.


Secure and wear-free

Modern RFID cards provide a high level of security. Contrary to what is claimed in the press, you, as the issuer, can determine who may read or alter your card details. At the same time, there are many types of chips on the market that no longer guarantee this security, but are still used and sold. Plasticard-ZFT has all the types of chip used in Central Europe in its range and can advise you on the selection of the appropriate medium or on the migration from insecure to secure reading methods.

RFID for newcomers

The advantage of RFID cards consists in the practically wear-free use of the information and in the particularly comfortable use of the card, as the power supply for the chip and the information itself are transferred by electromagnetic fields. The chips do not require their own source of energy and are, therefore, maintenance-free. Depending on the reader and the RFID chip, the reading range is between 1 cm and 100 cm. Plasticard-ZFT produces RFID cards for the frequency bands 125 kHz (LF), 13.56 MHz (HF) or 968 MHZ (UHF, see wide-range cards).

Product features and options

Blank cards

You require white RFID cards for printing? Plasticard-ZFT delivers LF or HF cards quickly from stock. Give us a call or make use of the instant enquiry.

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