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Plastic & chip cards

Plastikkarte mit sichtbarem Infrarot-Code und Induktiv-Code

Flexible in spite of fixed code

The inductive or infrared encoding foil inside the card contains fixed encoding which cannot be altered subsequently. Inductive cards have a code length of 32 or 65 bit. Both types of code are almost used nowadays in combination with RFID media for transitional purposes. You can find an overview of the combination possibilities here.

Inductive cards

Cards with inductive encoding are still preferred in sectors in which a high degree of robustness but minimal security is required. Due to the perforated metal foil inside the card, even heavily worn or dirty ID cards are still machine-readable. Plasticard-ZFT produces inductive ID cards with 32 or 65 bit encoding foil.

IR cards

For infrared cards, the encoding foil inside the cards is read via an optical IR transmission process. IR-cards may be provided with a single or double code with a 32 to 54 bit storage capacity in each case. Certain types of encoding are protected exclusively for individual systems houses.


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