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Plastic & chip cards

Code 39, EAN, QR and others

Barcodes are still the most inexpensive way of giving customer cards, membership cards or gift cards variable and machine-readable encoding. Plasticard-ZFT produces all kinds of barcodes, including in combination with magnetic stripes or chips. You can find a list of the possible code systems here.

Printed, lasered, protected

Barcodes are normally printed or lasered onto the prefabricated blank card. To protect it from scratches and wear, printed codes can be covered with an overlay, or they can be printed under lamination. IR-readable barcodes are copy protected. The code is covered with a black barcode blocker. We provide test samples if required.

Barcodes as an interactive element

Use the barcodes as an additional marketing instrument. Every smartphone acts as a scanner nowadays and can link your codes to websites and documents or transmit contact details. We would be happy to help you with selecting the right code.


Do you need samples? Complete the sample request form, and we will be happy to send you a selection of cards.