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Smartlabels and Ultrathin RFID Tags from Plasticard-ZFT

Company & Application Guide 2014

Smartlabels and Ultrathin RFID Tags from Plasticard-ZFT

The worldwide yearly consumption of RFID tags has greatly exceeded the 1 billion mark and shows further tendencies of grow

The production of tickets and labels has become highly automated and is usually carried out on highly productive roll-roll-systems. Currently, the technolgy is most widely used in logistics, ticketing, and retail. Away from the mass markets, there are applications that require labels and similar products in smaller quantities in a customized format and print/design. One of the specialties of Plasticard-ZFT is the production of RFID labels and tags in runs between 100 and 100,000.

Plasticard-ZFT produces - using specially developed machines with a roll-to-sheet-system - individually printed NFC labels and ultrathin RFID labels. The following products are available:



The digital print is highly UV resistant and offers an additional numerization with barcode. Depending on the type of application, different materials are available, such as PVC, Composite film, Teslin, or paper. Labels by Plasticard are being used in a great variety of markets, such as: